Pilgrimage is a Spiritual Renewal Movement

Pilgrimage expresses the love of Christ through a weekend of uplifting music, laughter, learning and worship. It is lay-led and celebrates Christ’s love for you.

Pilgrimage teaches basic Christian doctrines and is used by many denominations. Florida Presbyterian Pilgrimage is faithful to the teaching of Scripture and to the reformed doctrine of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

It Helps the Christian…

…to better understand the Father’s love for them and His will for their lives.” (1 John 3:1) FLPP is for Christians who want to fire up their faith and deepen their relationship with their Lord.

That is the goal and is done through a weekend spiritual retreat and includes:

  • Music, Fun and Laughter
  • What it Means to be a Christian
  • What we Believe and Why
  • Fellowship with New Friends
  • Discussions about the Joys and Challenges of Living the Faith
  • Worship, Meditation, and Prayer

The retreat is a long weekend, from Thursday at 5:00 pm to Sunday at 5:00 pm. Three days to celebrate and express Christ’s love for you.

The Hope Is…

…that the Pilgrims will come away from the retreat awed by God’s love and overflowing with the Holy Spirit. Following the retreat, the Pilgrims will meet with the 4th Day group, comprised of former FLPP retreat Pilgrims, and together will support one another in their Christian walks.

Pilgrimage graduates are educated, enabled, and empowered to be active participants in the lives of their local congregations.

How Did the Pilgrimage Movement Begin?

The beginning of Pilgrimage arose from the Cursillo movement. The earliest Cursillo weekends were held in the late 1940’s on the Spanish island of Mallorca. The principle lay founder, Eduardo Bonnin, started Cursillo as an effort to help prepare the young men of Catholic Action for a life in Christ, as well as to help cure the bitterness of the Spanish Civil War.


Cursillo spread to Latin America, where the first Cursillo for women was held in Colombia. Cursillo was brought to this country by Spanish Air Force personnel training in Texas. The first weekend in the US was held in Waco, Texas in 1957. Spanish speaking Cursillo weekends spread throughout the southwest and into New York and Ohio. In 1961 the first English-speaking Cursillo weekend was held in San Antonio, Texas.

Pilgrimage is an ecumenical movement based on the Cursillo model with the exception of including coed weekends and several other Christian Protestant faiths. Episcopal Cursillo and Methodist ‘Walk to Emmaus’ groups helped Presbyterian Cursillo begin in Charleston, SC and in the Presbytery of the Peaks in Virginia. A Lutheran Cursillo group helped the North Carolina Pilgrimage community get started.

Next Retreat weekend March 28-31, 2019, at The Retreat at Silver Springs, Fl.